Who said you need to know how to sail? At eager age at 21 and 23 we rad about a couple who sailed around the world, by their own. Until this moment we had no idea about people doing this. Yes, for sure there were races but not cruising for people like you and me. In two years time we saved all money we could. 

About two years later we had sailed equal to half around the globe, on our own...

We bought our first sailboat in Panama 2007, without seeing it and without ever been onboard a sailboat. A month later we bought another one. One located in Oslo where we lived, just to have something to pickup some experience before heading to Panama. Three months later and we were in Panama...

We stayed in Panama for almost six months. Six months full of new knowledge and experience. Taboga, outisde Panama City, was our first destination and anchorage. Later on we sailed the Peal Islands (Las Perlas) for a couple of weeks. While on one of those islands someone broke in to the boat and stole some things. We moved on. Did our first night sail with the island Coiba as destination. Here we had wonderful snorkeling and we celibrated christmas with the park rangers and marine police. Coiba is an old prison island but now there were only six prisoners left. They all walked around free and both of us got to try horseback riding, teached by on of the guys. They also made us lunch!

So, after six months we were ready to start the crossing of the south pacific. Galapagos next...

Panama - Where it all started

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