Equipment - It´s all about priority

Well, I can tell you that there is not many seconds during a whole day when my brain isn't thinking about the boat and how to equip her. First of all I try to find out how to solve the logistics if I choose to ship anything to Mexico. Main issues shipping to Mexico is the import fees. If I had the boat in Panama instead, the procedure getting it duty free would have been much easier, but now the boat is in Mexico so I have to do the best I can. Next issue is shipping hazmat/dangerous goods. Not possible for individuals, have I found out.

So, what kind of equipment and upgrades am I looking for? First of all, I know by now that the "want-to-have-list" is one thing, and "what-you-ends-up-with" is a different matter. Why? Usually cause it´s so easy to underestimate cost associated with new upgrades and renovations. Either there is things you never brought in to the calculations, or there is new problems/issues showing up = eating up the budget.

As for today the list looks like this (highest priority to lowest)

1)Electric main engine (about 10kw)

2)48v battery bank and new electrical system (1500w solar panels, wiring, inverter, step down conv. etc.)

3)Electric dinghy ob

4)Topside paint

5)Interior renovations (put a brighter feeling)

6)Extending cockpit by taking out aft compartment

7))New trampolines and a new trampoline section aft

...and thousands of small things. Like always, it´s all about prioritizing

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