Flight booked - Will we make it in time?

A couple of days ago Andreas booked the flight to Mexico. Flying from Sweden to Tapachula isn't done quickly. 28 hours will it take us, and it was one of the quicker flight we found. Copenhagen-London-Madrid-Mexico City-Tapachula. Price wasn't to bad, about 600 USD pp.

Both off us stop working 7th of July. Then it's full focus on this project. We can tell you, it is a lot of things to prepare and to plan. Things to buy, know where to get things, decide what materials to use, prioritize what to buy and how to spend time during renovation. One thing is for sure - Working on a boat always take 2-3 times the expected. In the meantime, waiting to leave, Andreas tested out an inflatable sailing dinghy at work.

Right now we have been testing out a couple of cameras. Haha, well that might not be the biggest decision to take but we know there will be a lot of filming and want to make sure of a good camera work flow. But we will use: Lumix G85/G80, Garmin Verb Ultra, Canon S100 and iPhone6S.

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