Packing & apartment & hosting parties

It was a chaos in the apartment a couple of days during packing & cleaning. Left the apartment a week ago and drove down to our families.

Where the boat is sitting now, isn't the perfect place for renovations, due lack up ship chandleries. This mean we need to bring loads of things with us on the plane. 23kg (50lbs) pp won't get us far. The good thing flying with British Airways is the 23kg (55lbs)allowance in carry on luggage!

We hosted a party to say goodbye to our friends. Had awesome weather and couldn't be more lucky. Got a new friend named Wilson (somewhere his name reminds me of something, but can't remember what...).

Next day we had a party for our families. We thank ourselves we had discipline enough to keep the drinking at a medium level at the first party. Haha. Now it's only 48 hours till we leave and there is still things to take care of, repack, and plan. For instance, we haven't any room booked yet.

Over and out, back to the packing.

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