A short trip became a long trip

When Andreas booked this flight he thought it was a pretty good one, at about 26h total. Well we ended up at around 50 hours. Our first plane from Copenhagen was delayed by one hour and what should have been 1h25min connecting time at Heathrow was shorten to 15 min. Yes! We missed that flight. BA got us booked on a direct flight the next afternoon so we got to stay at a hotel overnight.

In Mexico City custom had all our baggage scanned and opened. Can tell you our bags were full of boat equipment but we were lucky and didn't need to pay anything.. Due the missed fligh,t our ticket down to Tapachula also got burned (we had those booked separately). Booked us the next morning on a first class ticket. No, we are not fancy rich travelers but this ticket seemed to suite us perfect. What we could read it allowed us two pieces 30kg. Not each, but together. Bummer! We had to paid 28kg overweight.

When we finally reached Tapachula we were missing one bag. Got a call from the airline an hour later explaining we had forbidden items. Cartridges to our life jackets! Can tell you we had two of those in one of the bags that slipped thru as well. Will pick up the missing bag today, but without the cartridges.

But the most exiting task today. To see our boat!!

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