Purchased a boat we never had seen

Even if you have no money limit, it's not an easy task to choose what boat to buy. It's always about compromises, no matter what. We have had catamarans before and have been very happy with those. We mainly prefer multihull due their huge deck space and a more stable motion while sailing. This time it was not very clear what to choose. We have a budget and couldn't afford a catamaran (37ft+, decent condition etc). Monohull sailboats are all over the market and we were actually considering one, but in the end we fell back to multihulls....A trimaran!

This time, we choose a trimaran, yes a trimaran! The main reason we picked this specific boat was mainly of it's performance. It's has the best sailing properties of all boat we have owned and thought it might be possible to turn it into a zero emission boat.


We purchased the boat without seeing it. It had been upgraded with lot's of new things the last years; sails, water maker, electric winch, new hatches, new electronics etc. Ready to set sail? Far fram...

After a couple of months waiting we finally got to the boat. First of all, we had plans repainting the boat and the previous owner had also mentioned that but the boat paint had faded a lot more than we thought, and REALLY is in need of new topside paint. Inside was a big mess but we managed to sort it out after a couple of days. Karin took care of organizing things while Andreas started to remove the old paint. It needed to be done because it had been painted with a one-pack-paint. Two-pack-paint is the only good way to go if you want it to last more than one year,

Was the boat like we thought it would be? More or less, yes. Maybe a little bit more work. And you might wonder when we are setting sail? First 7-8 weeks of renovation and then when she has been transformed to a real beauty, then she is off sailing.

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