Sailing? No no, loads of work first!

When we got to Mexico, we knew it was going to be a tough time with massive renovation. It's always easy sitting at home and adding things to the "I wanna have" or "to do" list. But when you get there, parts of the puzzle has to be laid and the only one who can do it, is you.

The first thing we have found difficult here is gettings what we need or knowing where to get it. There is no marine shop in Tapachula, the closest one is in Puerto Vallarta 2000km north, We knew that before we arrived but the most simple things you need is sometimes hard to find, and explaining it in Spanish doesn't make it easier.

So what are we doing in our renovation and what are we planning to do? All different kind of things:

Sanding and scraping off old paint (two weeks job)

Re-painting the boat so it looks like a real diamond

Ripping out the electrical system and doing it our way

Ripping out shelves, and interior do replace with fresh and modern

Replacing some part of the deck

Rebuilding cockpit

Extending the transom (back of the boat)

Trying to figure out how to best replace the Diesel engine with an electric engine

Rebuilding the rudder case

Installing new trampoline nets

Installing new deck hatches

....and loads of more

Andeas has mostly working on the sanding....and that is probably the most boring and sweating job on the list. A couple of Mexican guys is helping out.

Maybe doesn't sound we are seeing much of Mexico? Well, we try to....Have been up in the mountains, tried lots of food, met many people, found us an awesome place to stay at. Just riding the collectivo (the bus) is a cool experience. Yesterday Enrique drove us the the local fish market.

Yesterday we had a bad start of the day when we saw a dead guy laying on the street, killed in a motorcycle accident. Life if fragile...

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