Tragic plastic disaster and lost camera

We usually wake up around 7 am, eating breakfast and prepare a lunch to bring. Ready to go around 8:30 am. An hour later we arrive at the boatyard to start working. We have one guy working with replacing some part of the deck, and another guy has been sanding off the old paint.

One interesting thing to mention. We don't really know how to get the boat into the water. When the boat was hauled out a couple of years ago with a modified a trailer. That trailer isn't here any longer. We didn't know about this until we arrived. The marina manager says he will figure something out. We'll see about that. The travel lift is not wide enough to take her.

This last Sunday we only had half day of boat work. We then took the bus to Laguna Pozuelos where a small boat took us through the mangroves to the river outlet. There were lots of plastic in the mangroves. A real human footprint. At the river outlet, we got speechless. Sooooo much plastic!!! All brought by the river from Tapachula city. It was so sad to see. Somehow I lost my sunglasses when I was taking photos and shooting video. Could I find my glasses? Impossible due all plastic and I'm sorry I now also left a piece of plastic.

On our way back we stopped att playa Linda to take our first swim in the ocean on this trip. Karin backed out but Andreas enjoyed all the huge waves. Unfortunately, when we got home, we discovered we had lost our compact camera. It sucks...

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