No! It's not a vacation!

Most people think we are on a vacation. Well, if vacation means what most people associate it with, then I would scream NO IT'S NOT A F***ING VACATION. It's hard work in 100 different ways. First of all, it's hard work renovating the boat. To rip everything out, to figure out how to make good solutions, hard work to find necessary material and tools, hard work to edit video material, hard work to post here on the website, hard work finding good subject to document...and the list continues

...and we don't like this?

OFF COURSE WE DO. But every now and then we get frustrated, just like home. This is our daily basis, just like yours. It's not a honey moon with a bed of roses.

Are we frustrated now? Well, this week hasn't been the best. We found more things to fix on the boat, and when you have found one thing, you usually find another two or three. It's ok having one or two bad days, but it's important to forget about it and just look forward.

Most of our days look like this:

07:00AM Alarm wakes us up

07:20 Karin is up and preparing breakfast and take away lunch. Andreas is working on the computer, this either video editing, fb updates, google information

08:00 Breakfast is served. Usually have some conversation with our host

08:30-09:00 Leaving the house. 15 min walk to the bus stop.

9:30-10:00 Arrive at the boatyard

10:00 start working on the boat

1:00 PM Lunch, 15 minutes

5 PM Stop working and heading to the showers

5:45 PM catching the bus home

6:30 PM about two times a week we do some kind of shopping (food/tools etc)

8 PM Prepare dinner, Andreas is back on the computer, Karin do some...

8:45-9:30 PM time to eat and have some time with our host

9:30-22:30 more computer

22:30 go to sleep.

Btw...tomorrow is exciting! More about that...later

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