Mexico markets

As a cruiser you always go to the local markets to get some fresh and local veggies and fruit. But, it's also a perfect way to have the opportunity to test different kind of local products. For example, here in Tapachula they have rambutan fruit. I have not seen it anywhere else than here and in Thailand.

The first market we went to is Tapachulas biggest market, San Juan market. They had loads of veggies and fruit. We bought some cactus! Yes, that is good in salads etc. There were also local produced cheese, meet and hand crafts. And for lunch? Of course! We had some quesadillas and Mexican drinks. Yummy! Andreas had a regular lemonade, Karin had a horchata, Manlio had a Pozol. On our way home we made a shorter stop at a smaller markets where they sell organic products like coffee, chocolate and handcrafts etc. We tasted fresh cacao. It's white pulp outside that taste like a fruit. Very good!!

We have Walmart about a mile from where we live, and yes, we go there at least once a week because it's convenient. On the weekends we try to break that pattern and make something more fun out of it. The local markets is usually a good option then. But going to Walmart can be amusing also. I mean, you can get everything there and we always get a laugh. What do you say about a motorcycle or tires?

Boat work? Yes, but this week was not the most productive week. Some new issues showed up and needed to be taken care off but we are still faring and sanding a lot to get the hull as nice as possible for the painting. Karin ripped out the counter top in the galley and some cabinets.

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