Earthquake & Tsunami hit us

It was the first time ever we got woken up by an earthquake. Because our lack of experience we had no idea if this was a medium or big one. We went out of the house and our host told us it was big. But everything seemed ok so we went to bed again

The next morning we had lots of messages asking if we were ok. All big internet sites had written about ut. It was the biggest one ever here in Mexico. Probably not the one causing most damage, but the biggest one on the Richter at 8.5.

We had heard about some tsunami warnings. We went out to Marina Chiapas, and it was totally destroyed. Luckily, non of the boats had been damaged. It will take some time to rebuild all the docks and it's a sad view to see. The people on the boats had to escape up on roofs to take shelter.

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