Beach clean Tapachula!

When we heard from the local garbage handeling department about a beach clean up day, we couldn't miss out on that. This day it was Corona (Modelo) who was the organizer. We like that kind of initiativ when companies get involved.

It was an early day for us, cause we had been told it started at 8AM. Well, at 8AM we were there looking for the other volunteers. Finally we saw some construction workers and a Corona truck, where they put up party tents and speakers. Later on we realized all other volunteers had gathered at another place. Buses took the 150 volunteers to the beach, handed over equipment, gloves and bags.

It was a littered beach which ment everybody got some plastic in their bags. In the end of the beach we got to the party tent where we also got a sandwich and a soda. A garbage truck was standing there as well, FULL with the bags we had filled with the plastic litter. Litter that would have gone in to the ocean...

Of course, this was just the beach we cleaned, across the street there were still lots of plastic waste / debris / aka litter. The initiativ is an important step to change the habits, when people get involved.

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