Boat stripping (Episode 7)

We have now been working on the boat for 7 weeks. Sometimes it feels like time just flies, or passes in front of your eyes. The last two weeks hasn't felt we have made a big progress. Some progress, of corse, but we always want more.

when we left for this trip we planned for 8-12 weeks of renovation. That will probably get extended by a couple of weeks or so. Sometime we find more problems to solve, sometimes we get interrupted by weather, sometimes we need to learn, sometimes we need something, haha and it continues.

Anyhow, we are having a great time in Mexico. Cause, where else can you eat awesome quesadilla, empanadas, tacos, tamales? Every time we have a clear sky, we take a deep breath and watch the beautiful mountains in the background of Tapachula.

After last weeks Earthquake and Tsunami here in Chiapas we hope to have a little bit of peace for a while.

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