A new law in Sweden has got the people to reconsider their need for plastic bags

From 1st of June, this year, venders in Sweden need to inform the customers about the bad affect plastic bags have. Either by verbal telling them or by information signs. Many venders has also set a price for the bag or ask if a bag really is necessary.

The purpose of the law is to decrease the consumption of plastic bags, decreases the littering and also use our resources more efficient.

The organisation “One bag habit” are seeing a positive trend of a less demand for plastic bags. The organisation is a collaboration between clothing and shoe businesses in Sweden. After just three months, the result is two and a half million less plastic bags, and this figure is just from the collaborated businesses.

A goal is set by EU to decrease the consumption of plastic bags from todays consumption at 190 bags per person and year (in Sweden), down to 90 bags by end of 2019 and 40 bags to end of 2025. For a household of two people, the goal for 2025 is set to about 1,5 bag per week, which should be feasible. A starting point is to use less bag when shopping in a shopping mall. Go for one bigger bag instead of one from each store you visit.

If you use reusable bags, have you find any other good options to use as garbage bags? Or any other good tips?

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