Oktoberfest and friendly people

They boat has taken more time renovating than we thought. That sucks but we try to just accept it. If we would have bought a ready to go boat we would have been out there chilling. Now we are working hard (almost) every day.

This weekend we went on an oktoberfest organized mainly by Jörn & Diana from Scooby II and with help from Marina Chiapas. This was a party for cruisers, workers, friends & family, a way to get new energy due the destruction of marina due the tsunami. A whole pig was barbecued and served in baguettes with some nice veggies. Karin organized a quiz walk with information and question about plastic. We hope they all learned something!Totally we were around 70 people. Even cruisers who had left their boat in the marina and flown home, contributed with money to the party. Thank you a lot!

People here in Mexico are very curios about us. Some are not so shy and ask us things. Some wants to take a photo with us and some wants to practice their English. Last Sunday we stopped and talked to the neighbors and their family. One beer after another was opened and given to us,

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