We are still kicking - progress

Sorry, but the website have not received our attention the last 5-6 weeks.

The last two months a lot have happened. First of all, we moved from Tapachula to Puerto Madero. Mainly to save time. Now we have 10 minutes to the marina, before it was an hour. So we can more or less say we are having two hours more of boat work every day.

During the last 6-7 weeks we have been very stressed to get the boat in the water. This is because we only had boat papers for 2017 to use for check out from Mexico. Now we solved it which made a huge relief.

The carpenters we had helping us out are no longer working on the boat. They got tiered of us when we didn't liked there way of working. They refused to work individually and we thought that was an ineffective way of work. Bill on the boat Lumme has helped us out with some tricky projects for the installation of the hatches and windows. We have also found some really good painters to do the topside job. We are so looking forward to the transformation!!

The last week we have been working on our new trampoline system, glassed in pvc tubes. First we sanded down the hull and deck where the fiberglass would be applied. The pvc tubes was roughed up with 40 grit sand paper and then taped and glued to the hull. Next day we made a big fillet radius, sanded it and then had 4 layers of 10oz cloth epoxied. Turned out really good. Totally we used about one gallon of epoxy (about 8 meter tubes)

Below you can see the episodes we have been posting the last month.

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