More boat problems to deal with


Christmas was around the corner and even the small village (Puerto Madero) there was Christmas decoration here and there. We tried to not bother to much about Christmas.

So, the day before Christmas, we found some more bad parts of the boat to replace. Well, not just one, several. it was also some tricky ones, curved ones I needed to strip plank. We were also surprised to find balsa core in the cockpit floor, something we not have seen elsewhere one the boat.

The thing is, we were just about ready with all work to start priming the port side of the boat. It felt so depressing and boring to have another week or two of work we hadn't planned. The good thing is we have received new boat papers which let us stay longer in Mexico. No that stressed anymore. Less stress mean we are now starting to add projects to our list to make the boat perfect.

What are next things to deal with one the boat? We plan to maybe take down the mast and have it painted. It has been painted once before but previous owner removed all paint. Also, the engine needs to come out. Want to have it outside the boat to work on it and also make the engine room nice and clean. We are still hoping to replace that engine with an electric one, but when we are not sure about yet.

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