Our boat almost finished

Hello to everybody!

First of all, a big sorry for not updating this website. Our boat project became so big, we just didnt had any more energy to work on the website as well. We tried to stay up-to-date on our Youtube channel Sailing less Plastic.

To make a resumé.

We bought the boat in April 2017 but first got to Mexico late July 2017. After 11 months of hard hard work we decided to head back to Sweden. The reason was several. First was I didn't get my leave prolonged, and when we started to look at our budget, we understood our trimaran would need more money....another good reason going back home, looking back at it, we were more or less burned out.

After six months in Sweden, Andreas headed back to the boat, with an optimistic idea about finish the boat in 3 months. Here go go again...

Karin joined a couple of month later. Why did it take longer than 3 months? Well, now there wasnt to many new surprises like we found the first season. All small things were underestimated. So many times we thought it all would be finished within 2 months...

After 18 months (totally 29 months). Covid had started to spread. We were out of money....it was time to go back home again.

What's left on the boat to get her in the water is:


Some electrical work (get the new switchboard up...some more wires)

New diesel tank

New hoses for the engine

New electrical wires for the engine

Gas bottle installation

Faucets need to be installed

Running backstay & check stay needs new chainplate/pad eye

Some more pad eyes on deck

Get the finished wood trims on place

...and the biggest one...New forestay and new head furling system (below deck unit)

Below you can see all the youtube clips we posted

Here is a summery of all 29 months of work. Everything from peeling of the old paint, sanding it, extending the hull, building a new platform between aft aka and aft deck, new paint, new nonskid, new interior with formica, paint, Rebuilding cabinets, new countertops etc.

This is the last episode before we heading back to Sweden. Karin went home a month before but I stayed to get the engine back in. Replaced some seals, working on the Yanmar SD31 saildrive

Karin is priming one of the last interior trims. Andreas is busy busy polishing the bolt for all chainplates. If the new chainplates are shiny, well then the bolts should be it as well. We ordered all of our bolt and finishing washers from UK (accu.co.uk). Huge selection of 316 (which is same as European A4) stainless steel.


Times just flies away....so what did we end up doing this last year? Well our trimaran did not get finished, so there is more work to do..boats boat...

We have had the trampolines laying in their bags for a long time. We had em shipped from france, all tailor made....and now finally we got em up. Did take loads of tensioning and knots so I had sore hands afterwards.

Doesnt the deck look stunning? All nonskid has now been applied. It now starts to look like a real boat. We used sand and a 2 component paint. To make it really good, we needed to apply 4 coats of paint on top of the sand. Lots of masking and preparations before we could start though...

After I had been rebuilding the rudder...spent hours and hours fairing and sanding for the perfect shape...well, then I find the daggerboard is delaminated. Rip out the fiberglass, finding core needing replacement, fiberglass it, and hour and hours of fairing again...frustrating!

The boat looked kind of without soul. But when we finally got the stripes on. OMG! She came out looking so good. The lines got perfect with lots of precise work masking. Now she start to look lore like a Hot Sauce.

There are counltless youtube videos about people making epoxy countertops. We why not try it?

We had not heard anyone done it for a boat before. Is it a painting or is it a countertop?

Last part of our small mini-daily-updates. Karin is in a repair phase. Time to repair the bicycle....and now also the jig saw.

Karins takes break and goes to town to buy some cakes. Haha

We had the big trampolines ordered last season but were missing the ones up front at the bow. And here they arrived!

Karin is working on the countertop for the bathroom. Andreas is busy trying to get the new bed (berth) worked out.

Andreas has now started to get the new bed in order. It's a pull out bed when converting the single to a double.

Karin comes to the conclusion that you do about 50% on a day of what you actually planned for.

A transformation!

Lots of work to get the formica up on the bulkheads inside the boat....but also cleaning, sanding, faring and so on.

Felt weird to be back...somehow it felt like yesterday. Time to start working on the interior.

Sweden is so beautiful...and if you are experience the best summer ever (weather wise)...

Heading home to Sweden...but first a couple of days relaxing in Playa del carmen.

Our sailing trimaran got painted. Now it looks like something. Lots of polyurethane paint!

More deck work. Preparations to install new hatches. It needs to be level with the deck,

Our Diesel engine. Yanmar 3JH2 comes out. Will it ever get back again or will we convert to electric?

Making a super convenient tool to sand slots with

Heading to Guatemala. Small vacation.

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